《Because of you》是爱情歌?听完背后的故事,早已泪流满面…

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当初听Kelly Clarkson这首《Because of you》,以为就只是讲爱情的英文歌,现在才发现原来这首歌有这么深的内涵。

When I listened to the song called 《Because of you》 by Kelly Clarkson,I thought it was just a love song,and now I find that this song is so deep.

Kylie, who was 6 years old, witnessed the end of his 17 years of marriage,


and Kylie s parents had a terrible quarrel with his parents before the divorce, making Kylie s childhood a mess.


Kylie has a friend, and she has an unhappy family.


In the 16 year old Kylie one day, she told a friend a long night. Back home, she wrote down the draft of the song.

Song MV: according to Kelly Claeson s own personal experience to adapt and become.


At the beginning of the MV, the heroine and her husband at home quarrel;


then husband picked up the family ready to drop off. At this time, the rest of the time, which makes the heroine thought of his own childhood experience.


So, the scene is converted to the past, the heroine of the past through the back of her parents quarrel that time, and met a little girl at that time,


and the same as she looked indifferent parents, but parents also because of emotional discord and often fierce fight, the young woman became the victim of the war.


Suddenly, the scene back to the reality, the heroine suddenly wake up from memory,


she looked at her husband, gently from the hands of her husband won almost fell broken family photo time at this time restored to their original, the heroine and her husband hold together.


However, when they embrace together, suddenly saw the daughter, who was hiding behind the door, the hero of Yu Shinv and her husband together toward the daughter, happy to embrace together.
《Because of You》不仅是情感的表达,更是一种呼声,具有积极的社会意义。

《Because of You》,not only is the expression of emotion, but also a kind of voice, which has positive social significance.


Like Jay Chou s "Dad, I come back", so that many people are aware that the biggest victims of family conflict, is often not the conflict between the two sides, but innocent children.


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